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Raymond Carl on August 19, 2017 at 3:39 AM said:

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jon on August 4, 2017 at 6:32 AM said:

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Steve Baker on March 1, 2017 at 5:23 PM said:

I was at the double L this past 3 days, hunting w/ my Dad; Larry Baker, my Uncle John Baker, my new found friend Rick Carlson. It was my first Hog hunt ever; I was amazed by the dense vegetation on the Ranch, and the amour of animals to hunt on the Ranch, I was there to hunt hogs with our group, and I shot my 1 st Hog on this hunt w/ my crossbow, my family got 4 hogs total while there. The Lassman Family made me feel like I was a part of their family, I enjoyed my short stay w/ Pops, Gary, Jane and Robbie, I highly recommend the double LL Ranch for the exclusive archery hunt, I look forward to hunting with the Double L in the future. A very down to Earth run operation, any the stories from Pops made it enjoyable as well.
Bob & Cindy Sheaffer on January 18, 2017 at 1:24 PM said:

Just finished another hunt with Pops and the gang. Cindy shot a big boar and a little one and won the biggest and smallest contest. A great time was had by us and we look forward to another great hunt. Thanks to Gary and Janie for all their efforts.
Mike Louderman on January 13, 2017 at 11:30 AM said:

Great hunt,lots of animals,thanks for a great time!
Bob & Cindy Sheaffer on February 13, 2016 at 8:16 AM said:

Great time as always! Cindy got her first hog kill and was thrilled. She's still talking about it. This was my 10th time to hunt with Pops and the gang.
Cris Angelini - Houston, Tx. on December 8, 2015 at 1:33 PM said:

Hunted at the ranch first weekend in Dec. Had a fantastic time. Took a first time hunter. He was sucessful on his first hunt.Pops will put you on the animals of your choice.
We had 5 in our party & everyone was successful.
Janie & Gary do an outstanding job tracking wounded animals. Weather it's a pig or a trophy they will do thier best to find it. I've been there six times and hope to go six more.
It's like hunting with family friends.
Plan a vist you will love it.
Vincent salinas on November 23, 2015 at 11:20 AM said:

I'm a local hunter from victoria tx and never knew about this oasis of a hunting place existed 15 min from my house always passing it by on my way to work in the oil field and a spur of the moment booking me n my cousin had a blast, the experience you gain by just listening to pops and janie and the stories just makes you feel like your right at home can't ask for better people thanks so much again pops,janie,randy,robbie and ace,...I would highly recommend this ranch 5stars goes out to the double L ranch looking forward to going back...
Plumber Chad on February 2, 2015 at 4:49 PM said:

Michael, thanks for your comment about the intruder. I've been hunting south Texas hogs the last ten years, Traveling from Utah. Last year We were in Victoria a day early to drop my mom at her sisters place. we drove past Double L sign. My son and I gave them a call, and Pops hooked us up on short notice. After hunting with Pops, Janie, Gary, and Robbie, The ten year relationship with the previous outfitter was over. I take employees who will be fighting to get the chance to go next year. We had an awesome hunt this January, and we have never felt more welcome. Highly recommend this ranch. we are booked for next year. Thank you
Tom Fowler on November 26, 2013 at 10:41 PM said:

I was in Houston visiting family for thanksgiving, gave Pops a call to see if my niece and I could come down for an afternoon hunt. He was able to fit us in so we drove down and had a great hunt. The hogs came shortly after I was in place. I was able to shoot 1 about an half hour after I got in the stand. I got down and saw plenty of blood on my arrow. I climbed back in the stand and waited. Shorty more hogs came an I nailed another one. Janie and the tracking Dog Bandit came and fond the hogs promptly. It was My niece's first Bow hunt ever and though she didn't get a kill she had a great time and saw many exotic animals. Pops was very encouraging and got her motivated to want to come back and give it another try. I left her with a bow and I think she is hooked for life. Thanks Pops, Janie, Robbie and Bandit for a fun day.
Randy Burnham on October 4, 2013 at 12:19 PM said:

It's been awhile since I've hunted at the Double L. Time sure flys when you are working all the time! I need to get back out there and hunt and visit Pops and the family. It's a great place to hunt and you just can't go wrong. Camo up, sit still and you will have multiple opportunites. I need to check my calander and see when I can go back! Great place, you will love it!!
Marvin Cowart on July 31, 2013 at 12:41 PM said:

Just had great hunt at the Double L. I shot a good axis with a split eye guard, my son shot a 22 inch Blackbuck a Zebra . And we shot some hogs. Great time. Thanks Pop, Janie, Gary,Robbie and the tracking dog Bandit.
Marvin Cowart on July 31, 2013 at 12:23 PM said:

I've been hunting the Double L for 12 years. And I'm here to tell ya killed a lot of animals. The Lassmans are not just owners, but the are like family. They treat every guest with a family attitude. It's a great place to hunt. The Lassman's will go the extra mile,so that you will have the time of you're life.
Michael Cowart on July 31, 2013 at 8:25 AM said:

Double L Ranch is not only an awesome ranch to hunt but incredible owners to boot. Great company and great hunting! My dad and I have been going hunting out there for years and we never leave disappointed! I just had another awesome couple of hunts and just had to get on here to brag! Then I decide to read through the comments and find this one knot head being ugly and talking crap about good people and a great ranch and I can't hold my tounge. If your going to be rude you deserve to be called out for it! Well please allow me! I was at the ranch when this gentleman Mr. Trahan was there hunting when he shot and injured an impala and than absolutely 100% lied about shooting it to the owner and left without paying. All the owners expect at Double L is hunters with some integrity! He was called for his lack of integrity and it hurt his little pride so he come on this page being ugly to make himself feel better. So don't let his comment cause you to miss out on a great hunt and great time out in the wild doing what we all love!
Joe Macchione on April 15, 2013 at 8:54 AM said:

I've been hunting the Double L for ten plus years and everytime I have more fun. Just got back from another hunt and AV and I shot 8 hogs. The accommodations are comfortably and clean. Pops is one of my all time favorite people and all family members help out to makes this one of the most enjoyable places to hunt.
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