So you want to know a little more about us?  GREAT!

The Ranch

Double L Ranch is a bowhunting ranch located in Mission Valley, about 15 miles northwest of Victoria on FM 236. It is 300 acres of oak trees, mesquite, huisache, yupon, rose hedge and other brush providing dense cover for the game. The ranch has Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow, Sika, Red Stag, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Eland, Nilgai, Zebra, Ibex, Aoudad, Whitetail, Wild hogs, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Corsican and Mouflon rams and New Zealand Mt. Goats. While it may be small, the thick cover makes hunting a definite challenge.

 Hunt with Family

When you come hunting at the Double L Ranch, you won't be hunting with strangers. The Double L Ranch is family owned by Charles and Jane Lassmann. We pride ourselves in thinking of our guests as friends and family. Pops is what owner, Charles Lassmann likes to be called, and he will insist on it. Most of the Lassmann family is usually there to assist you with your hunt to try to ensure that you have a great experience and have an opportunity to take the animal you are looking for. Gary, Janie, and Robbi along with Pops will try to see that you enjoy your hunt.


The ranch facilites, include an air conditioned bunkhouse that will sleep 6. A seperate cookhouse with all utensils provided, BBQ pits and an outside fire ring for a campfire. Both the bunkhouse and the cookhouse have satellite TV to pass some of your free time. Also provided is a cleaning shed and a walk-in cooler. Broadhead targets to practice or check your equipment after travelling.


Our semi-guided hunts include, taking you to the stands and pickup after the hunt,assisting with spot and stalk hunting (if needed).

Along with 17 corn feeders and 7 high-protein feeders, we also have a feed route that is runs twice daily.