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Pere David Deer

Price: $5,500.00
Availability: in stock

1 Pere David Deer per trophy fee of $5500.00 plus $200 a day, 2 day minimum for each Exotic, Harvested or Wounded

This is a 2 day minimum hunt.  You may take 3hogs and 1 Pere David Deer with each trophy fee.  Again these are the same, semi-guided hunt package as the wild hog hunts.
This is a full day hunt including all the Camp facilities, which are the Camp House, Cookhouse, Cleaning shed, Walk-in Cooler, Direct TV in the Camp house and the Cookhouse.
You must wear full camo including face mask and gloves. 
We will take you and put you in a stand on the road or over a feeder and pick you up.
We will assist you with your exotic hunt, whether it is stand hunting, spot and stalk, etc.
Additional Hogs Harvested or Wounded $75.00each
Each additional Exotic requires another 2 day hunt fee plus trophy fee.