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Exotic Hunts Day Fee

Price: $150.00

$150.00 a day 2 day minimum plus Trophy fee

This is a 2 day minimum hunt.  You may take 2 hogs and 1 exotic with a trophy fee.  Again these are the same, semi-guided hunt package as the wild hog hunts.
This is a full day hunt including all the Camp facilities, which are the Camp House, Cookhouse, Cleaning shed, Walk-in Cooler, DirectTV in the Camphouse and the Cookhouse.

You must wear full camo including face mask and gloves.

 We will take you and put you in a stand on the road or over a feeder and pick you up.

Catch and release fishing is included, bring your own rods, reels and lures.

 We will assist you with your exotic hunt, whether it is stand hunting, spot and stalk, etc.
Additional Hogs Harvested or Wounded $50.00 each
Each additional Exotic requires another 2 day hunt fee plus trophy fee.